Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Act!?

For the most up to date system requirements for Act! visit

Act! is not “officially” supported on a Mac. However, Apple Macintosh computers that feature a dual boot Microsoft® Windows® OS feature can run Act! on the Windows OS and are supported as long as the PC meets listed minimum system requirements. Act! Cloud is also an option available for Mac users. Many of our clients run Act! from a Mac by using one of the following options:

  1. Install Microsoft Windows on a Mac via Parallels, Bootcamp or other VMware. 
  2. Act! Premium via the Cloud can be accessed from Chrome browser from a Mac (not Safari). Find out more.

Act! Pro is designed for individuals, sales professionals and sales teams who share data with 10 or less users. Act! Premium is for sales teams, small businesses, and corporate workgroups who require greater scalability and data sharing, more flexible deployment options, advanced workgroup functionality, and additional administration and security features. Premium can be used offline as well as in the cloud. For more information see Act! Product Comparison.

If you'd like to discuss which version is best suited to your business, feel free to call us on 1300 362 046 (AU) or 09 428 2281 (NZ)

Act! Subscriptions include ongoing basic level technical support. Subscribers have access to an exclusive online ticketing system, extensive Knowledge Base, an active Community, and unlimited access to the Act! training library. For additional services outside the subscription technical support scope, our Act! consultants (ACCs) are able to provide expert help, advice and training. To contact your local ACC visit find a consultant. For more information please see our Support services.

One of the unique benefits of Act! is the multiple deployment options unlike most other CRM on the market. As an Act! user, you have the choice to access your customer data how you like to work. Whether you are mobile and need Act! in the Cloud or on an App, you work at home or in a office and need local access, or you need a combination of different access methods, Act! has a solution for you.

Installation of Act! requires a basic understanding of computer technology however we would recommend seeking assistance from one of our Act! Certified Consultants (ACC) to ensure a proper set-up and implementation for your team. Plus we offer great support packages to make sure you always have help on hand.   See our Support Options

The Sage Group is a multinational enterprise software company. Sage owned and developed the Act! CRM product line from 2001-2013. In 2004, Sage rebranded the product to ACT! by Sage and 6 years later, to Sage ACT!. In 2013, Sage sold the Act! product line to Swiftpage and the name returned to just “Act!”. For the first time in Act!’s history, it was marketed as “Act!” (not “ACT!”).

Below is a list of the Act! products, the versions and the year that they were released.

Released Product Names Version
2017 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium Plus, Act! Premium Mobile, Act! 365 20
2016 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium Cloud, Act! Premium Mobile, Act! Essentials 19
2015 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium for Web, Act! Premium Mobile 18
2014 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium for Web, Act! Premium Mobile 17
2013 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium for Web, Act! Premium Mobile 16
2012 Sage ACT! 2013, Sage ACT! Premium 2013 (inc Web and Windows) 15
2011 Sage ACT! 2012, Sage ACT! Premium 2012 (inc Web and Windows) 14
2010 Sage ACT! 2011, Sage ACT! Premium 2011 (inc Web and Windows) 13
2009 ACT! by Sage 2010, ACT! by Sage Premium, ACT! by Sage Corporate Edition (inc Web and Windows) 12
2008 ACT! by Sage 2009, ACT! by Sage Premium 2009, ACT! by Sage Premium for Web 2009 11
2007 ACT! by Sage 2008, ACT! by Sage Premium 2008, ACT! by Sage Premium for Web 2009 10
2006 ACT! by Sage 2007, ACT! by Sage Premium Premium for Workgroups 2007, ACT! by Sage Premium for Web 2007 9
2005 ACT! by Sage 2006, ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2006  8
2004 ACT! 7 Standard, ACT! 7 for Workgroups 7
2003 ACT! 6 6
1999 ACT! 2000 5
1987-1999 ACT! 1-Apr

In June 2017, Microsoft released an update for Outlook 2016 that affected it’s integration with other software applications that use MAPI. Unfortunately, the update affected any version of Act! that integrates with Outlook 2016 (local install) or Outlook 365 subscription.

What symptoms will might see:

  • Sending an email from Act! you receive a ‘Not responding’ error and Act! closes
  • Sent emails from Outlook do not attach to your Act! contact history
  • Act! Add-In does not work from within Outlook
  • Add-In Tab does not display Act! icons 

These issues have been resolved in versions 20 and above. If you need to upgrade see Pricing

In early November 2018, it was announced by Swiftpage that the embedded third-party software component of Act! that facilitates the licensing services is being discontinued by the manufacturer at the end of 2018. After January 1, 2019., certain common actions you may take that interact with the licensing component will cause Act! to fail and you will no longer be able to access your database. Examples of these common actions include attempting to install Act! on new hardware, modifying existing hardware, and modifying your user count. 

Swiftpage have a solution however it will require an update to your Act! installation prior to 31st December 2018 to avoid any interuption to your service. For more information and how to update Act! see Changes to Act! Software Licencing